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Our Philosophy | The Cause Bar

We believe that philanthropy is a creative expression of that part of yourself that believes in the potential for change.  We strive to ignite your authentic creative expression.

We seek to inspire through elevated storytelling about bold movements driving deeper impact in our world, while creating a powerful, intimate community.

We believe that every person has the power to rise from Traditional Charity to Transformative Change.  Giving to Investing.  Short-term Fixes to Long-term Solutions.

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Our Mission | The Cause Bar

We know giving is often obligatory, routine and circumstantial due to lack of awareness, trust and time. The Cause Bar is your active ally in providing highly curated experiences, deep connections and a richer education into the causes you value most. 

Through an exploration of your values, lifestyle and passions, we provide deep clarity on personalized, high-impact giving plans for aspiring philanthropists with a shared desire to activate informed, intentional and thoughtful change.

We are setting a new bar on transformative philanthropy. Join Us.

Our Story | The Cause Bar

After years of seeing my own friends and network asking for ideas and resources on ways to give back and get more involved, to repeatedly experiencing how generous people are during the holiday “give back season” and in times of crisis, I identified both a need and opportunity to unleash the good in those that wanted to be of service more often, but were seeking clarity and motivation on how to do so.  

In 2018, I committed to taking my knowledge and passion of the giving community to a larger audience by creating The Cause Bar, a lifestyle destination and resource on simple, applicable ways to make a positive impact.

Since the launch, The Cause Bar has supported an organically grown community in feeling inspired and educated on how to lead a more cause-focused lifestyle. 

This next level of the business will enable me to merge my years of brand building expertise, my ‘superpower’ of cultivating long-term, collaborative relationships, and my deep network in and understanding of the philanthropic space, to galvanize leaders ready to go deeper and more personalized in their impact. 

We are setting a new bar on transformative change, and I invite you to join us.

With love and gratitude,

Our Founder | The Cause Bar
Kristiana Tarnuzzer, The Cause Bar Founder


Founder, The Cause Bar

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Prior to founding The Cause Bar, Kristiana spent 18+ years providing marketing expertise for brands and movements in the lifestyle and social impact sectors.  Kristiana sits on the Regional Board for Indego Africa, the Council for Alliance of Moms, is an Advisor to Treatment Trunk, and a member of the Social Enterprise Alliance.  Kristiana Co-Founded a 501c3 NYC-based charity in 2008, and has conducted several social impact journeys to under resourced regions around the globe. Kristiana is an east coast native, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, with her husband and two children, Luka and Kosette.

The Cause Bar Advisory Board
Dierdre King, The Cause Bar Advisory Board Member


Creative Director, Indego Africa
Mom of 3 | Creative Guru + Social Good Evangelist

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Deirdre received a B.A. in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia in 2007 and a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School in 2010. After graduating law school, where she focused on women's and refugee rights in Africa, she joined non-profit Indego Africa as Creative Director, taking the reins of Indego Africa's growing creative and sales departments. Deirdre has spoken at Parsons the New School for Design, Princeton University, FIT, NYU Stern and Columbia Law on global markets, fashion as a social venture, ethical design, sustainable sourcing, and careers in socially responsible commerce. Maternal health and refugee rights are the causes closest to her heart.

Shachar Scott, The Cause Bar Advisory Board Member


Global Head of Marketing, Snap Inc
Mom of Twins | Marketing Maven

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Shachar leads International Marketing at Snap Inc. Over the last two decades, Shachar has helped to build global brands and startups. After graduating from UMass at Amherst, Shachar turned to women’s politics, and worked to legalize emergency contraception. She attended Columbia University in New York to obtain her Master of Science in Strategic Communications. In 2011, Shachar was recruited by Apple to lead marketing for Apple’s digital advertising platform, then joined Snapchat in 2017. Shachar is the Chair, Board of Directors,, and has been a lifelong activist and supporter of their mission of empowering and educating young people who stutter.

Dean Gavoni, The Cause Bar Advisory Board Member


Founder, Siren Studios
Dad of 2 | Business + Enterprise Authority

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Dean Gavoni is the founder of Siren Studios and has been developing and operating studios in the Los Angeles area for over 10 years.  Dean’s unique operating philosophy is to take a hands-on approach with a strong element of hospitality and white glove service.  This approach has been the main appeal to the world’s largest media content creators. By being able to anticipate the unique needs of such clients, Dean has been able to secure long term management agreements with companies such as Netflix, Buzzfeed, Universal, and many others on multiple campuses across the globe.  Dean’s passion point is children, a long time supporter of organizations with missions in ending childhood hunger, homelessness and disease.

Monique Otero, The Cause Bar Advisory Board Member


Founder, Brunchpants
Mom of 2 | Influencer on all things Design + Branding

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With a background in Interior Architecture and over 10 years in marketing and operations, Monique currently creates content for brands and social media through @brunchpants. Monique began her career in hospitality design in New York with Adam Tihany, managing restaurant projects for Thomas Keller and meticulously space planning cruise ships and hotels.  She later made the switch to brand management at Starwood Hotels where she was tasked with leading global rollouts of key initiatives and perfecting the hotel guest experience.  Monique left Starwood to run the business operations for Madeline Weinrib NYC, a handmade textile company, before moving to Los Angeles in 2016.  Monique is most passionate about supporting the education of girls globally and environmental protection.

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Our Team | The Cause Bar
Priscilla Vega, The Cause Bar Team Member


Communication + Strategy Consultant

Heather Roma, The Cause Bar Team Member


Communication + Strategy Consultant

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