True Beauty from Skin to Soul: That Is Chantecaille

- Mel Kaspin Blume




…how this inspiring changemaker (and beauty master) uses the word “simple” to describe her anything-but-simple business strategy. Built with a giving soul, Chantecaille is a cruelty-free, beautiful (inside and out) makeup + skincare company that reminds us about the power that we, as an earth-dwelling collective, have to make a difference in our world.

Chantecaille’s philanthropic platform helps raise awareness and funds for global concerns that need some love -- which we know will touch your heart without effort. What’s even more amazing about Chantecaille? Alongside their big, inclusive heart lies gorgeous makeup and skincare lines that are committed to quality, rich hues and pure ingredients.

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…weather and denim jacket looks call for a pop of bold color, the latest Lip Veil lipsticks couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Its weightless feel, bright hues and luxurious look make it a perfect go-to for fall. As if it couldn’t get any better, your statement-making smooch will also help to support Space for Giants, an organization that works to protect the African elephant population.

Other notable newness includes the Les Perles Metallic Eye Liner and the Moonlit Perle Glow Powder. A touch of shimmer and drama is perfect for mixing and mingling throughout the holiday season. The metallic eyeliner lends an impactful, festive feel to your look -- which is always lovely to have in your makeup collection. And, to celebrate their 20th anniversary, Chantecaille released a collector’s edition compact beautified with luminous pearl accents. The top-quality powder transforms your skin with its lightweight radiance. You can polish it all perfectly with a coat of Chantecaille’s Holiday 2018 Brilliant Gloss, their award-winning highshine lip gloss.

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…of their classic makeup lines, Chantecaille directs a socially-conscious spotlight on elephants, lions, bees, gorillas, and more -- giving this wildlife a chance in the ever-changing, volatile environments they call home. Each planet changing palette is branded with the animal’s picture that it helps to protect, reminding loyal makeup users of the behind-the-scenes, socially good happenings with most purchases.

Chantecaille not only partners with organizations through financial support, they also hop on airplanes to witness the occurrences firsthand. In 2016, the team visited the Congo to learn about the massive deforestation that continues to destroy the homes and lives of wildlife -- including gorillas. The printed gorillas throughout the coordinating collection signify their involvement with The Rainforest Alliance.

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Brilliant Gloss  $36

Brilliant Gloss


Moonlit Perle Glow Powder $125

Moonlit Perle Glow Powder $125

Les Perles Metallic Eye Liner  $42

Les Perles Metallic Eye Liner




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