A New Way to do Good - Social Impact Journey

- Mandeep Kaur, Founder TribesforGOOD



…has become extremely popular, especially amongst youth who are interested to travel to remote locations to make the lives of locals better.  Social innovation is about applying new approaches, refining existing practices, and bringing powerful tools to bear in solving the world’s most pressing social challenges. However, the path to being a changemaker is usually not the easiest.  When you do a quick google search to look for programs to be a changemaker , we’re often met with jobs that require special skills, especially when dealing with another person's life or welfare. However, we often see people from developed countries paying large sums of money to participate in a range of activities that will supposedly help a low-income community. These activities range from building houses to teaching English to orphans or low-income communities. The desire to do better whilst fulfilling your dreams of travelling seems like a win-win situation for all. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. 

As travel has become more accessible, voluntourism has blown up into a multi-billion dollar industry. However, voluntourism has come under scrutiny for good reasons. Although the aim of many aspiring changemakers is good-hearted, due to their lack of specialized skills, their impact is actually limited. This is an issue that TribesforGOOD founder, Mandeep Kaur noticed when volunteering for 2 years throughout India. She noticed the desire to be a changemaker is prevalent in many, but unfortunately, people lack the skills to fulfill their potential to be a changemaker.  Furthermore, multiple sources have uncovered unethical practices promoted through large money-making travel corporations. Many of these corporations have focused their marketing around children from low-income backgrounds and orphans in developing countries who tend to face harsh realities. Their appeals have attracted compassionate individuals who want to use their privilege for a better cause. 

A New Way to do Good - Social Impact Journey
A New Way to do Good - Social Impact Journey


are students who have yet to gain the necessary skills that are actually needed to make a lasting difference. Additionally, the duration of these volunteer stints is not sufficient enough to form a trusting relationship with the community. 

Our Solution? A Social Impact Journey. “When you start interacting with grassroots communities from a sense of equality, it will impact the way you perceive the world. It will teach you important human qualities -- respect for others, empathy, social structures, and most importantly, how to be part of social change.” 

So what does a Social Impact Journey look like? There are three main aspects: Learn, Travel and Giveback. Along this journey, you will learn from the different sights, new tastes and inspirational entrepreneurs making a difference on the ground. You will learn more about yourself too. You will learn what your passions are, you will refine your goals and your personal growth will soar. You will be able to travel to places you probably wouldn’t on your own accord. Giveback to the community through which you travel. Participate in a “hack-a-thon”, which you’ll brainstorm solutions to issues various organizations are dealing with. How you help these organizations will depend on your skills as an individual. In doing so, you will actually be contributing to the organization and the people they help. The TribesforGOOD Social Impact Journey will equip you with the skills to become a true changemaker not only during the journey but afterwards, too. The aim of the journey is for participants to continue making positive changes around the world.  



comprises of 5 workshops, 4 field visits and 1 hackathon and will cover a range of themes such as urban poverty, women empowerment, education and sustainable fashion. This social impact journey will equip participants to pave their own roads towards socially impacting the world, whilst finding your “sweet spot”, which is a place that equally satisfies your passions, lifestyle choices and competences.

TribesforGOOD is providing direction in a sustainable and innovative way that will have a lasting impact on you and the community. TribesforGOOD believes that volunteering is at the heart of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals if done with skills, development and guidance throughout. If you truly want to help, make sure you “start listening before speaking, learning before acting and partnering instead of leading,” as beautifully said by No White Saviors. This is the only way to become a true changemaker, especially in communities that aren’t your own.

A New Way to do Good - Social Impact Journey