An Interview with Catherine McCord | Founder, Weelicious and One Potato

- Kristiana Tarnuzzer



…it’s back to school time!  Of course, in addition to getting back into a routine, back-to-school also brings an immense amount of prep work -- outfit planning, school supplies, packed lunches, and, perhaps most important, continuously raising our kids into the respectful, empathetic human beings we wish them to be.  Who did we turn to for some expert advice on how to take this all on right before the 1st day of school bell rings?  Catherine McCord, Founder Weelicious and One Potato.  

TCB: With back to school around the corner, what are some of your go-to tips and tricks for families to get everyone prepared?

CM: One of the hardest parts about going back to school is getting back on a “normal” schedule. In the days before school starts, sit down as a family and get on the same page about expectations. Try to start having dinner at the same time, make lunches the night before, pick out clothes, know what breakfast will be and have it prepped, place shoes and backpacks at the door and ready to go so mornings are run smoothly.

An Interview with Catherine McCord
An Interview with Catherine McCord


the goal in every household!  We love Weelicious for all of the fast, fresh and easy recipes for the whole family, and One Potato for the mealtime solutions the whole family can enjoy - - both companies that you started!  In addition to this work, you also support some great charities -- can you share those with us? 

CM: The Kenny Gordon Foundation, to preserve the memory of Kenny Gordon who passed away at the young age of 26 due to heart failure, Baby to Baby who provides children living in poverty with all the basic necessities that every child deserves, and Alex’s Lemonade Stand who raises funds and awareness for childhood cancer treatment.

TCB: We love how you lead by example.  How do you share those values and teach social awareness and a giveback mentality to your kids?

CM: Social awareness is all about modeling for kids. If they see you volunteering, giving to others, being passionate about a cause and allowing your child to be part of the experience they will learn to love how it feels to give back too. 



and role model to your kids, what is your favorite part of being a mom?

CM: Connection! I love listening to my kids, learning from them and understanding what makes them unique and special. 

TCB: We’re excited for The Cause Bar families to use both One Potato and Weelicious as incredible resources going into back-to-school season.  What's been the most rewarding experience for you in starting these companies?

CM: I’m incredibly grateful for the community I’ve gotten to be part of through Weelicious and One Potato, and learning about the struggles parents face when it comes to feeding and trying to make it a gratifying experience for the entire family. 

An Interview with Catherine McCord