An Interview with Tara Nolan | The Conscious Connoisseur

- Kristiana Tarnuzzer



…travel has played a large role in who I am today.  It has opened my eyes to how different things can be around the world, yet how beautifully we are all the same.  Travel enables us to fully immerse ourselves in a local community and culture, and leaves us forever changed.  In the middle of the summer, travel is always top-of-mind, so we tapped into Tara Nolan, creator of The Conscious Connoisseur, on how she makes it a point to travel the world sustainably and also finds ways to give back while doing so.  

TCB: Favorite off-the-beaten place you've visited? 

TCC: This is such a tough one! The first thing that comes to mind is my recent trip to Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. It's about an hour drive from Punta del Este, the popular beach town destination, and the extra hour is SO worth it! Jose Ignacio is like Montauk meets Saint Tropez meets Ibiza. Super chill, very low key but also so chic. They are very environmentally conscious, and have incredible wildlife and vineyards to explore as well.

An Interview with Tara Nolan | The Conscious Connoisseur
An Interview with Tara Nolan | The Conscious Connoisseur


…When not on the road, what are some charities or causes that you love to support?

TCC: I try my best to incorporate mindful habits to my every day. Starting with reusable coffee cups in the morning, to being cognizant of food waste and composting opportunities (at home) throughout the day. I love the Billion Dollar Oyster Project here in NYC, so I’m working to getting more involved with them. I am also very moved by human trafficking, so I would love to get more involved with how to support efforts that aim to eradicate this sad activity. 

TCB: How do you support local communities when you travel? 

TCC: Through volunteering efforts as much as possible based on what's available in the region. I do research upfront, find out what organizations I can visit, and make sure to get at least a few hours in. Spending time in this capacity gives an entirely new dimension to the travel experience. I replanted trees in Puerto Rico once 6 months post Hurricane Maria, and cooked tangines in Morocco with disadvantaged women while in Marrakech. Both were incredibly enriching. 



…How have your travels made you more socially conscious? 

TCC: I've been pretty fortunate to have a very global and culturally aware perspective since a young age. My first country was Spain when I was 8. I feel blessed to have been able to live abroad twice, in Australia and Italy, which has really allowed me to embrace different cultures, learn a language, and truly connect with the countries’ natives. To me, the best way to appreciate a place is to live there, and the most complementary thing you can do in a foreign country is communicate in the local language, and offer your good energy and humanity to those around you. 

TCB: Favorite ethical, sustainable or for-purpose travel product(s)? 

TCC: I love my BKR reusable water bottle, my eco-nu luggage by Samsonite, and the travel size face powder and cleaner exfoliant by Face Love

Tara launched The Conscious Connoisseur with the intention of creating a space that promoted travel and lifestyle through sustainable experiences that respect the planet, using her platform to elevate the conversation around responsible travel, and champion the journey towards a sustainably positive present and future for all. 

An Interview with Tara Nolan | The Conscious Connoisseur