Attention All Tree Huggers and Earth Lovers

- Melissa Maguire



…of our earth is no longer accepted as a one-off or after thought, but something we need to consistently practice. You don’t need to start composting everything or radically change your lifestyle (although kudos to you if you want to!), but rather just incorporate environmental mindfulness into you and your family’s life.  Here are some quick ways to start:  

  • Recycle: Need help finding a recycling center near you?  Click Here 

  • Limit plastic: Yes, straws are fun and necessary sometimes, so here are a few better-than-plastic options: The Other Straw and Steel Straw 

  • Eat local produce: Here’s a quick guide on local markets near you! 

  • Rideshare or walk: In a major city?  Public transportation is always fun for people watching and zoning out…and these bike shares are super fun options! CitiBike and Bird 

  • Purchase fair trade: Look for The Fair Trade Seal when shopping. 

  • Donate or sell unwanted clothing: ThredUp and TheRealReal allow you to sell or buy quality name brand items from the comfort of your own home. 

Bike Sharing to help the environment


…get physically involved and lend a hand or support financially?  The following organizations are dedicated to creating a cleaner environment and protecting our natural resources. 

Heal The Bay: An LA-based ocean conservation focused non-profit that hosts beach clean ups for the whole family! Nothing But Sand beach cleanups occur every third Saturday of the month. 

City Plants: A non-profit whose mission is to restore the city of Los Angeles’ tree population. With rising temperatures and declining air quality, tree coverage is especially important for our health. You can plant trees or become a sponsor to help restore ecological balance.



The crown jewel of NYC is undoubtedly Central Park. Creating solitude amongst the city, and providing kid-friendly environments is a worthy cause to maintain and protect. The Central Park Conservancy has volunteer programs and other opportunities to support their mission. 

Mothers Out Front: A non-profit whose sole mission is to lobby to protect our environment from further harm for the sake of our children. Their website features current climate articles and comprehensive environmental voting law guides, in addition to local volunteer and fundraising options.

Good planets are hard to find…let’s do our part in protecting ours!

Beach Cleanup For the Environment