Back to School Basics that Give Back

- Brooks Dibble



…is filled with excitement, opportunity…and a lot of errands in order to prepare. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite brands that can prep your little one for a great year ahead, while giving back to the greater good. 

Back to School Basics that Give Back

The Smallbirds Wool Runners ($55) from Allbirds

…are built to withstand the wear and tear that no one can put on a pair of sneakers better than a busy kid. No time for socks? No problem, the shoes are temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, without an irritating scratchiness. Allbirds is a certified B Corp that uses sustainable materials to create their shoes, and through their partnership with Soles4Soles, lightly used Allbirds find new life all around the world, helping communities in need.


Every backpack needs a water bottle…

…but Gululu Go ($119) isn’t just any water bottle, it is interactive and encourages your child to drink more water through a built-in virtual pet and an adventure game that develops as your child drinks. Don’t believe us? Read more about that here! Through their partnership with, Gululu provides drinking water for life to one child in a developing country for every bottle sold. 

Back to School Basics that Give Back
Back to School Basics that Give Back

Packed with 7 grams of protein in each serving…

Yumbutter Organic Creamy Peanut Butter ($15.99) makes for a great after-school snack. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their 6-pack of best-selling nut butter potions ($37.99) - Plant Protein Almond, Superfood Almond and Superfood Cashew. The best part is, each time you buy a jar or pouch of Yumbutter you help feed a child with malnutrition through the Certified B Corporation’s partnership with a non-profit in Guatemala to provide holistic care to malnourished children and their mothers.


ECOlunchboxes make packing leak-proof lunches easy…

…The ECOlunchbox Solo Rectangle ($24.99) stainless steel bento box food container is durable and designed for longtime use at lunchtime as well as in the great outdoors for camping, boating, picnicking, and other on-the-go activities. Oh, and they are dishwasher safe! We love that these lunchboxes are responsibly made while cutting down on waste, and providing a safe environment for healthy lunches: free of estrogen-mimicking toxins commonly found in plastic, such as BPA (bisphenol-A), BPS (bisphenol-S) and phthalates. 

Back to School Basics that Give Back
Back to School Basics that Give Back

We love these cute tee’s from Soul Flower

…made with organic cotton, low impact dyes and USA made and emblazoned with the cutest sayings and designs. We especially love the Bee Yourself design ($24), Free Spirit ($24) and Travel Happy ($24).


We hope this Roundup…

…helps you prepare for the best back to school season yet. We love to see how our community lives The Cause Bar lifestyle -- tag us in your back to school photos, @thecausebar on Instagram! 

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