The Cause Bar Changemaker Series: Naomi Furgiuele, Founder Nuria

- Kristiana Tarnuzzer



…in Corporate America, working on some pretty large global brands like Johnson & Johnson, Naomi Furgiuele felt it was time to make a direct impact on the lives of women -- from creating an instant bond and connection point for women, to providing the same opportunities for all women to be educated, Naomi launched clean skincare brand, Nuria -- a result of combining these two insights into one dream.  

TCB: Tell us about the name “Nuria”:

NF: I chose the name Nuria because it means brightness and light, and we are helping women’s skin become brighter and also bringing brightness to girls through education.  Don’t get me wrong, corporate life had a lot of plus sides, especially at an amazing company like J&J, but I felt like I needed to push myself into new spaces to have the impact I wanted to have.  I want all girls to have the same chance I have been able to give my daughters.  

Naomi Furgiuele Nuria Founder
Nuria Skincare Products


Your products are clean, vegan, cruelty-free…why were these commitments important to you when creating Nuria?

NF: We need to feel good about what we put on our skin. Our consumers are smart, and they deserve to know exactly what they are using, where it’s from, and that it can be trusted to be both effective and safe. Clean, vegan and cruelty-free represent our commitment to providing the highest quality products to our customers with the utmost transparency. Furthermore, our products and ingredients are also held the to the highest safety standards and good manufacturing practices.  There are over 1300 ingredients on Nuria’s “made without” list and growing every day! 



You are a partner and supporter of  Can you please share more on the organization, partnership and why you selected them as the cause to support? 

NF: We want to help create a world where all women have a chance to grow and flourish, and where every single girl finishes high school. That might sound ambitious, but we think it is worth striving for. For us, it is unacceptable that, in 2018, 98 million girls worldwide don’t have the opportunity to get a high school education.

She’s the First sponsors girls around the world who are the first in their family to finish high school, providing them financial assistance and community support.  Once a girl is given an education, she has experienced irreversible growth, and this cannot be taken from her.  When a girl graduates high school, she is more likely to have fewer, healthier children, delay marriage, and make 20% more per year of schooling.  If all girls went to school for 12 years, low- and middle-income countries could add $92 billion per year to their economies.  What an amazing world that would be!

I am proud to share that Nuria’s first-year commitment to She’s the First is equal to a minimum of 2,000 months of schooling for girls around the world, so we can make the world a brighter place. 


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