Cruelty-free and Clean Beauty | An Interview with Jane Iredale

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— Jane Iredale
An Interview with Jane Iredale

An Interview with Jane Iredale

As a long-time fan of jane iredale products, both for the results I see on my skin as well as their pledge to no animal testing, I thought it only fitting to pass the love along to you!  Heading into the summer, you're likely in the midst of changing up your skincare regimen or are ready to try out some new shades for the season, so who better to give you the background on this brand than founder, Jane Iredale, herself?

TCB: You were ahead of the “clean beauty” curve when you launched your brand over 20 years ago. What inspired you to adhere to being cruelty-free and using sustainable and clean ingredients from the start?

JI: It honestly never occurred to me to do anything else.  I’ve always shopped for organic food and paid attention to the ingredients in my beauty products, so it was completely natural for me to move in that direction.  I love a challenge so finding ways to formulate makeup that was clean and also gave great results was exciting and fun.  The feeling of wellness isn’t just physical for me, it’s also spiritual so, no matter what, I had to be at peace with myself and that meant absolutely no animal testing.  I’ve always felt that animals contribute so much to our lives and that we owe them respect and care, especially the ones we domesticated who are now completely dependent on us.  Nobody asks them for permission to perform unspeakable experiments on them.  Like children, they are completely vulnerable.  This pledge to produce cruelty-free makeup and skincare has always been at the core of our brand.  I believe it’s essential to creating responsible, healthy beauty.  After all, what’s the point of increasing sales if you can’t sleep at night?

An Interview with Jane Iredale
An Interview with Jane Iredale

TCB: For your customers who are very passionate about cruelty-free product market, what are some of the organizations you follow and recommend as resources for information, or where they could get involved? 

JI: There are two organization that lead the way.  One is the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC),  The CCIC is a coalition of eight national animal protection groups that promote a single comprehensive standard and an internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Logo.  The logo signifies no animal testing at any stage of product development.  Companies are subject to independent audit of their entire supply-chain.  Then, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA),  Peta is an American animal rights organization based in Virginia.  It has 6.5 million members.  They have made a big impact in bringing animal cruelty to the attention of the public.

TCB: You recently built a new headquarters that is LEED-certified, how has that impacted your business and company culture?

JI: Our headquarters, The Bryant, is a sustainable LEED-Certified building, and we were able to preserve ninety percent of the original structure.  We have gardens at every building, even an organic fruit and vegetable garden. From building this Gold Certified LEED building, to surrounding it with gardens designed for bees, butterflies and birds, to wellness days for our staff, to sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging, it has impacted our building and culture greatly, in a positive way.

TCB: While you are always introducing new products to the market, the brand still speaks to enhancing natural beauty and not following fads – a refreshing message in today’s very busy beauty market. Can you tell us a little about your philosophy on makeup and beauty?

JI: I’ve always thought of us as a wellness company because healthy skin is a mirror of what’s going on inside.  We think of every product we bring out as part of a bigger picture.  What we put on our bodies contributes to our health or not. Recently, we’ve added nutritional supplements to our line.  You would be amazed at the results we’ve seen especially with stubborn skin conditions that people have suffered with for years.  When women are comfortable in their bodies, they look and feel more beautiful.  Because in the end, it’s the spirit that shines through no matter what color lipstick you have on.

TCB: Where do you see clean, responsible beauty going next?

JI: Beauty from within is exactly what consumers are looking for now.  This area is expanding exponentially and encompasses all ages – women and men.  It’s now understood that you can effect just as much change in the skin, if not more, by feeding it from the inside as well as the outside.  This means eating clean, and supplementing your diet with food that the skin loves and eliminating the things that it doesn’t.

At Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, we’ve been progressing the category for years.  Our new Skincare Supplements are formulated with skin-loving vitamins and botanicals.  The first thing I do is to take Skin Omegas which contain omega-3, omega-6 and vitamin A, Skin Vitamin A and Skin Antioxidant.  They all make a difference to the skin by promoting better moisture levels and leaving skin clearer, brighter and smoother.  We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this movement.  It validates everything that we’ve been working for.

To learn more about jane iredale, please visit: @janeiredale


An Interview with Jane Iredale

About jane iredale

jane iredale is a certified cruelty-free cosmetics brand, recognized by both Leaping Bunny and PETA for their voluntary commitment to no animal testing at every stage of product development and manufacturing. This pledge to cruelty-free makeup and skincare has always been at the core of the brand. We believe it is an essential element in our holistic approach to creating responsible, healthy beauty.