Dads We Love Doing Good

- Kristiana Tarnuzzer



…a daughter’s first love.  With Father's Day coming up on Sunday, there is no better time than the present to recognize some pretty awesome dads going above and beyond in doing good and giving back, and -- as a result -- leading by example.  We were so impressed by them all -- hear more from these dads below!

ISA RAHMAN is a model and fitness lifestyle enthusiast who has traveled the world shooting for top magazines such as GQ and campaigns for Ralph Lauren. As a father of three, Isa loves living a fit lifestyle and sharing all his favorite tips and pics in wellness and style.

Where you can find him: @isarahman 

TCB: A cause near and dear to your heart?   

IR: I’m a big supporter of women’s rights and the MeToo movement. I grew up with women all around me, and as I am raising two young ladies, I believe that all women should have the fundamental right to be heard, be seen, and for their voices to matter.

TCB: Favorite thing about being a dad?

IR: I love being able to encourage another human being in a positive way…to do something good on this earth before I leave.

TCB: What’s on the agenda for Father’s Day?

IR: Probably hanging out with my kids!

Isa Rahman
Andre Panossian MD


A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Panossian is a father of two girls aged 8 & 7, and rotates his practice between pediatric and adult cases.  He’s featured as one of LA Business Journal's "Top Doctors," was named a go-to plastic surgeon for "Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles" by Maxim Magazine and was also featured on CBS Nightly News in 2015 for his part in a groundbreaking, twin-separating surgery in Haiti. 

Where you can find him: @panossianplasticsurgery 

TCB: A cause near and dear to your heart?   

AP: I'm a frequent volunteer plastic surgeon for LA-based medical mission Mending Kids, an organization that provides children with life-changing surgeries in over 65 countries (congenital heart conditions, rare syndromes, burn/trauma and more). Back in 2016, I started an annual surgical mission to Armenia with them. Every year, we take a small team to Yerevan (the capital) and perform surgeries to treat facial paralysis, remove vascular anomalies and offer various pediatric plastic surgeries to dozens of kids. We also donate training and equipment to the local medical teams there. My heritage is Armenian -- helping families in my culture's homeland and offering education & training that doctors in Armenia don't have immediate access to (like we do in the U.S.) fills me up in a way that's hard to put into words.

TCB: Favorite thing about being a dad?

AP: I get a kick out of watching my girls grow up, seeing their personalities and strengths develop. My daughters are the most important thing to me. I love them more than I ever imagined I'd love my kids and they crack me up constantly. My wife sometimes tells me I'm a pushover for them, but I can't help it!

TCB: What’s on the agenda for Father’s Day?

AP: I have no idea what we'll be doing for Father's Day. I usually just like to stay home, BBQ and have a relaxing day with family. Every year I tell my wife "Don't get me anything, let's just stay home and relax."



Jeff is a photographer and digital content creator based in Los Angeles. He’s a dad to an adorable son, Arlo, one spirited little two year old. Jeff and his wife adopted Arlo, and are currently in the process of growing their family again!

Where you can find him: @jeffmindell

TCB: A cause near and dear to your heart?   

JM: I am a mentor for the Pablove Foundation, an organization that pairs professional photographers with kids dealing with childhood cancer to teach them all about the craft and expressing creativity through photos. It's something I have absolutely loved being a part of!

TCB: Favorite thing about being a dad?

JM: Getting to see the world through my son's eyes. He is learning SO MUCH every day and with each new word or skill learned, he's so excited to show me. It's just the absolute best feeling in the world.

TCB: What’s on the agenda for Father’s Day? 

JM: No idea what we are doing for Father's Day yet! I'm sure my wife has something fun planned :)

Jeff Mindell
Santiago Arana


…is in the real estate business, holds the role of Managing Partner at The Agency, and is dad to two boys.

Where you can find him: @santiagoarana 

TCB: A cause near and dear to your heart?   

SA: I support Habitat for Humanity and Give Back Homes because I believe everyone should have a roof and a place to live to protect themselves and their families. I am also in the real estate business and develop homes, so I enjoy participating in building homes for the less fortunate. 

TCB: Favorite thing about being a dad?

SA: I love to learn from my children.  I learn many things like patience, understanding, and teaching by example. 

TCB: What’s on the agenda for Father's Day?

SA: We actually will be flying back from a wedding in Washington DC, so most likely doing dinner at the house -- BBQ’ing is my favorite thing to do.



…is a 14-year Major League Soccer veteran who currently plays for the Los Angeles Football Club. He’s dad to his adorable daughter Harlow, and husband to his wife, Kim Caldwell-Harvey.

Where you can find him: @jordancharvey 

TCB: A cause near and dear to your heart?   

JH: Athletes in the Making and Hope and Health which are both nonprofits that allow kids to play sports and receive mentorship as well as gaining social skills and confidence. 

TCB: Favorite thing about being a dad?

JH: She puts things into perspective allowing me to enjoy the simple things in life. My favorite moments are the little ones like walking her to school, teaching her how to ride a bike and carrying her on my shoulders….and of course, dance parties.  And she makes me laugh. Really hard. 

TCB: What’s on the agenda for Father's Day?

JH: We are going camping on the beach in San Clemente. We have never gone as a family and know it will be an adventure. We will be able to check off a lot of firsts like making s’mores and setting up a tent. 

Jordan Harvey