Female Founder Change Makers: Amri Kibbler and Katya Libin | HEYMAMA

- Kristiana Tarnuzzer



…I started The Cause Bar last year, the immediate list of things I needed to get started on, needed to learn, needed support with -- it all began to grow -- and quickly.  To this day, I thank my friends who recommended HEYMAMA to me. The list of incredibly powerful, smart, strategic women with varying backgrounds and professional experience I’ve been connected with goes on and on, but the most important thing I gained -- and still do -- from this group is the continued support through connection and community. Something I had no idea would be THE most necessary and important thing along this entrepreneurial journey.  For this, I’m incredibly grateful to the founders, Amri Kibbler and Katya Libin, for forming this community.  Hear more from these two mamas below!

TCB: How did your journey with HEYMAMA begin?

AK + KL: The HEYMAMA journey began with two mamas really in need of connection after we had our babies.  We found motherhood to be more isolating than we expected and wanted to connect with other working moms leaning into their careers.  We spent a few years just being a huge backbone for each other and then started HEYMAMA together. Thank god!



Is there one woman that has played a special role in shaping each of you in respect to who you are today, and why? 
KL: My mom, of course, has played a huge role in my life giving me the confidence and support I needed to pursue my dreams. But I’d say more recently, I work with a leadership coach and life coach that really helps me show up energetically the way I want to, and has helped me grow exponentially as a person. Her name is Antionette Beuachamp, and she started a company called One and Many, which helps people kickstart change in their lives and impact so many others. 

AK: Embarrassingly I am giving the same answers as Katya, although our reasons are different. My mom ingrained a deep respect for others and a natural ability to understand needs and feelings. Antionette has been working with Katya and I and our team to help us expand our leadership skills and create a supportive company culture and optimizes our employees’ strengths.

TCB: You’re both moms, as are many in The Cause Bar community -- what's your best advice on how to balance being an entrepreneur and a mom? 

KL: My best advice is to stay present with whatever task you have in front of you. If you’re at work worried about not being at home, you’re going to do a worse job. If you’re at home, worried about work, you’re going to not be there 100% for your kids. Show up, stay focused with what’s in front of you, and tackle the rest when the kids are asleep! :)



…Boundaries. Outlining time that is sacred for your family and vice-versa -- that can help you to really focus and enjoy that time. I try to lay that out before the week starts so I know that I’m going to able to do both.

TCB: What would you tell someone reading this who is considering starting their own thing about the journey?

KL: I’d tell them that, believe it or not, noone really knows what they are doing. We are all guessing and tweaking, figuring it out along the way. What’s important is that you are solving a problem that you really care about, that you believe you have the capacity to figure it out, and that you don’t give up.

AK: As long as what you choose to do is something you are passionate about you can learn the ropes as you go! Just get started and don't get too hung up on looking at what they don't know or the obstacles. Focus on why you want to do this. I’d also tell them to look for a co-founder that has shared values and goals as it can be tough going it alone.


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