From Waste to Wear: Take a Peek at the New Winter Chic

- Mel Kaspin Blume



…of us style seekers have witnessed the massive transformation of the fashion industry over the past decade. Our friends-filled mall outings have been replaced by solo, virtual moments. We have access to seemingly endless collections 24/7, and, with the introduction of ‘fast fashion,’ developed a need-new-now mentality -- a fusion that fashioned a planet in need of some love. 

Some stats to note: The U.S. generates over 15 million tons of textile waste each year; the amount of textile waste doubled in the last 20 years; the average person buys 60% more fashion items and keeps each piece for half as long. We are so in need of change making leaders -- and found a couple that deserve the spotlight. Let us introduce you to Novel Supply Co. and Christy Dawn

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…by Kaya Dorey in Vancouver, Novel Supply Co. fuses sustainable, organic materials with the imaginations of local artists to create everyday clothes for the ‘urban adventurer’. Each piece has limited runs to make sure every design is unique -- plus, they help emerging artists build a stellar start to their portfolios.

After learning about the chemicals used in the textile industry, Kaya wanted to create a line that was natural, so she chose hemp and organic cotton as her baseline. Neither require pesticides, and hemp is fully biodegradable. Every decision is made from a planet-conscious place including the selection of inks, thread, marketing materials, packaging, and shipping supplies. 



…that wasn’t inspiring enough, Kaya’s conscious efforts continue to the end of each garment’s lifecycle:  Novel Supply Co. believes in taking “responsibility for the waste they create,” which is why they take back worn clothing and find a way to upcycle, recycle or downcycle.  And, fabric scraps are saved and sewn into children’s clothing by a local non-profit called Abel Wear. We applaud Novel Supply Co. for their end-to-end, socially-conscious strategy. With winter at its peak, we think it’s the perfect time to slip on one of their cozy-cool sweatshirts -- just right for a casual outing…and a night with Netflix. 



…you’re not part of the Christy Dawn cultish fanbase already, you might be joining in about two minutes. Christy Dawn creates high-quality, vintage-style dresses and more from deadstock -- fabric waste from other fashion houses that is destined for our landfills. They turn beautiful waste (luxurious leather included) into ultra-chic wear. 

While they are best known for their stunning dresses, when you explore the website, you’ll uncover gorgeous knitwear like this wear-everywhere cropped sweater. And, this past fall, Christy Dawn introduced boots to their collection of planet-saving styles. Handmade in Los Angeles, these unique, seriously special boots are made with so much love -- and deadstock leather. It’s hard to look at clothing the same way after stepping into Christy’s world: “No matter how a piece of clothing looks, it cannot be considered beautiful if, in producing it, the environment is destroyed, or people are exploited.” We couldn’t agree more, Christy. 

This winter let’s redefine the word beautiful. Warm up with closet classics…cut from a different cloth.


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Novel Supply, V is for Vancity Cabin Crew  $108

Novel Supply, V is for Vancity Cabin Crew


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Novel Supply, Full Logo Cabin Crew


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