Going Green on the Red Carpet

- Lauren Miura



…fashion is having a moment on the red carpet. Thanks to initiatives like the Green Carpet Challenge and Red Carpet Green Dress, celebrities are shining a spotlight on the need for sustainability and more ethical practices in the fashion industry. Meanwhile, several fashion brands that are mainstays on the red carpet have started to take a serious look at their impact. 

To the Academy Awards, two actors rocked 100% ethical gowns. Laura Harrier, from Oscar-nominated BlacKkKlansman, and Danielle Macdonald, from the nominated short film Skin, represented Red Carpet Green Dress to mark the 10th year of the initiative. Each year, the #RCGD campaign partners with global fashion houses to create sustainable gowns for the Academy Awards. 



…we wear and the fashion industry has a tremendous impact on the environment -- and people’s choices can move the marketplace and the climate change needle,” said Red Carpet Green Dress founder Suzy Amis Cameron. “From changing one of your meals a day to a plant-based meal, to wearing vintage or ethically made clothes, we can all make a difference.”

Change makers like Cameron and Livia Firth, who founded the Green Carpet Challenge, have found allies in major fashion houses that are working to become more sustainable. Here are a few red carpet regulars working behind the scenes to turn the red carpet green:



…has been a partner in the Green Carpet Challenge, the star-studded initiative to promote sustainable fashion, since 2013. Chopard describes its long-term commitment to improve sustainability and the lives and working conditions of producers in its supply chain as the “Journey to Sustainable Luxury.” Last year, Chopard achieved a 100 percent “ethical gold” supply chain. 


…has put sustainability front and center for more than 20 years -- famously refusing to use leather or fur and pioneering the use of innovative materials like Mylo, a leather alternative made from fungus roots. McCartney continues to push boundaries by vowing to “reimagine the fashion industry as we know it” by moving it to a circular economy that eliminates the concept of waste.  


…has outfitted several Oscar attendees over the years. His artisan-made tuxedos have graced many a “best dressed” list. Ford’s commitment to fair labor practices and low-impact production methods were recognized at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards in 2017, where he nabbed the inaugural award for Best International Designer Supporting “Made in Italy.”


The red carpet is a major cultural moment, and a platform for actors and activists to raise awareness for causes close to their hearts. We love watching the Oscars to see what everyone is wearing and more importantly, what they stand for. 

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