Heroes in Hollywood Gala | Scholarship Support for Our Heroes’ Families

- Kristiana Tarnuzzer



…for your services.”  I must have said this no less than thirty five times on the evening of November eighth, while attending the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund ~ Heroes in Hollywood Gala.  We don’t have the opportunity to say it very often, so on this evening, with so many service men and women present, it felt really good to say it multiple times knowing that we were gathered at this event to honor these service men and women by giving back to those that give so much of themselves to us every day.



…brought us all together on this evening?  On May 18, 2010, Colonel John M. McHugh, was killed in action in Kabul, Afghanistan, leaving a wife and five children behind.  He had served for 24 years in the United States Army.  Our heroes spend months and years away from their families, risking their lives for our country.  In the horrific instance, when one of those families gets the notification that their loved one is never coming home…well, I’m not sure I can even comprehend the confusion, loss and grief that follows.



…“Johnny Mac” McHugh was a 1986 graduate of West Point.  His classmates and fellow service people honored their friend and fallen soldier by coming together to raise funds for his daughter’s education.  And so, the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund was created.  Through education, the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund honors military service and sacrifice by providing scholarships, particularly to children of our nation’s fallen and disabled, as well as veterans and military family members. 



…MC’d the gala, which was held at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles.  Always entertaining, Kimmel definitely got plenty of chuckles out of the group, though things got very real and emotional when he choked up on a few instances, reciting the names of this year’s scholarship winners - - and reading the name, place and date of their parent’s death in combat.  


SINCE 2014…

…the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund has awarded over 1K scholarships totaling over $10 million in educational aid to veterans and military family members. The fund especially gives to children of the fallen or disabled.  Feel like giving back to those that give so much of themselves?  Click here:  http://www.johnnymac.org/  



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