How to Put the “Good” in Goody Bags

- Lauren Miura



…are a tradition that little kids have come to expect, and love, at birthday parties.  But as parents, it’s hard to love the candy and little plastic toys that clutter our homes and eventually, end up in the landfill. With the planet -- and fellow parents’ sanity in mind --we went on a quest to build a better, more eco-friendly and purposeful goody bag that kids will still love. Here are a few of our favorite goody bag picks that also give back. 

Goody Bags Conscious Brands
This Saves Lives Conscious Brand


…a snack. There’s a good chance they’ll be eaten and not wasted. For edible goodies that aren’t candy, we love This Saves Lives. The name says it all:  For every purchase, you help send a packet of life-saving food to a child suffering from malnutrition. Plus, This Saves Lives kids bars are made without nuts and are free of the top allergens, so you can feel confident handing them out to all of your guests. (BTW, Kristen Bell is a co-founder...what a powerhouse mama)!



…and reduce waste by giving out small sets of crayons or colored pencils as party favors. We love these double-sided 6-pack of colored pencils from Yoobi. And, for every item purchased from Yoobi, the company donates an essential school supply item to a classroom in need right here in the U.S.

Yoobi Conscious Brand
Tattly Does Good Conscious Brand


…and inexpensive alternative to stickers, consider packing a temporary tattoo (or two) in your next goody bag. All of Tattly’s tattoos are designed by professional artists who get a cut of every sale. They’re printed with non-toxic vegetable-based ink, making them safe for kids of any age. The Brooklyn-based company gives back with its Tattly Does Good collection, which pairs Tattly artists with nonprofit organizations to help them raise awareness and funds for that particular cause. 



…seed packets in goody bags. Not only are they eco-friendly and economical, they also provide an opportunity to teach kids about food and nature. For a seed company with a social mission, check out Mauro Seed. When you purchase a pack of non-GMO seeds from Mauro, the company donates one to someone in need. Mauro’s seeds have produced millions of pounds of food for needy families and communities in the U.S. and around the world. For kid-friendly gardening, we like the sugar snap peas and watermelon seeds.

Mauro Seed Conscious Brand
For Purpose Kids Conscious Brands


…is a party activity that doubles as a gift that kids can take home. This  “Color Me Kind” t-shirt from For Purpose Kids comes with washable markers, so kids can decorate the shirt again and again. And if you need a gift idea for the birthday girl or boy, For Purpose Kids toolkits help kids learn about being kind and doing good. 

To build a better goody bag, think of items that are edible and practical. You’ll be doing the planet, and your fellow parents, a whole lot of good. 


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