Dough Some Good: How to Work Magic with Your Money

- Mel Kaspin Blume



…unique time: The infinite connectivity of social media empowers individuals like never before, thought leaders of all ages and backgrounds are using their voices to contribute to world change -- and people are banding together globally to make a difference together. Movements that didn’t stand a chance decades ago are being heard at blasting volumes. And, there are seemingly endless ways we can keep the momentum going by contributing to these world-changing causes with our wallets. 

Let’s start with impact investing. As defined by GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network), impact investments are made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. This market provides funding to arenas that need our attention including renewable energy, conservation, and affordable housing, healthcare and education. GINN could be a great starting place for you, as they are working to “redefine the role of capital and channel its full power to create a better world.”

How to Work Magic with Your Money Global Good


…your heart and contribute to your passion. E*Trade is a valuable resource for finding the sector that speaks to you. Whether it’s clean water, energy, or gender diversity, you can uncover investment opportunities you never knew existed.

An amazing organization that grabbed our attention is Women’s World Banking. Their mission is to power “economies by investing in women.” Take note of this statistic that is driving this female-forward, powerful organization: Nearly 1 billion women remain outside the formal financial system today. Women’s World Banking is creating a network that can reach and change the lives of women across the globe including Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Malawi, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Brazil, Colombia, Jordan, Egypt. There are many ways to get involved including donating, so be sure to check out the website for more info.



swipe for social good, be sure to check out this credit card that helps make a difference with each purchase by donating to your favorite charity: Charity Charge World Mastercard® Credit Card

Hope this helps you navigate through the incredible and innovative options available. Let’s dough some good together.

How to Work Magic with Your Money Global Good