Jolie Gotique | The Power of She Influencer Luncheon

- Penny Goffman, Founder Jolie Gotique



…how this mama, turned entrepreneur, incorporates a give back model into her new business.  Below, hear firsthand from Penny Goffman, founder of Jolie Gotique and her latest event highlighting the power of women in the influencer world, fashion industries and using their influencer to impact the non-profit world. 

Launching a business is a challenging process. Being a woman launching a business can have even greater challenges as we try to break through the glass ceiling. Add motherhood to the equation, and there are a slew of obstacles including scheduling, and balancing time between home and career. However, one of the most challenging goals for any entrepreneur is to have a business with soul…one that is successful fiscally and socially. One that takes, but also gives back in a thoughtful manner. I have spent the last three years, as founder and creative director of my brand with this in mind. My name is Penny and I am the mom-trepreneur behind a unique fashion concept, Jolie Gotique. 

The Power of She Influencer Luncheon
Jolie Gotique

ON MARCH 12, 2019…

…I had the honor of hosting a luncheon for a group of 20 inspirational women at the ever-so-chic Tony’s at The JHouse Greenwich. Each of the women in attendance were unique, spanning across generations, careers and backgrounds. Yet, there was one common thread amongst the guests -- each passionate, driven and eager to learn from each other. 

The luncheon titled “The Power Of She” piggybacked off other modern movements such as “International Womens Day”. The private event provided a beautiful and delicious format for like-minded women to share experiences, conflicts, successes, and best of all, to empower and support each other. Today, more than ever, there is attention being given to the power of women to support and lift each other up. 



filled with the noise of the web, social media, YouTube videos, texts, and emails, it is becoming rare for like-minded women to network, share experiences and collaborate through face-to-face discussions. I was proud to provide a setting for us to learn from each other, meet other driven women, give back to local communities, and most importantly, support each other’s passions and journeys.

By far the greatest highlight of the gathering was its commitment to a local non-profit, Clothes To Kids Fairfield County, whose mission is to provide new and quality used clothing to low-income or in-crisis school age children in Fairfield County, Connecticut -- free of charge. Guests loaded up a donation bin with beautiful new clothing for children. Underprivileged families will be able to select a week’s worth of outfits for their children with these donations. Further, Jolie Gotique has pledged $10 worth of clothing from its own girls’ collection for every guest’s post mentioning the luncheon!

What’s next? Jolie Gotique hopes to make this an annual event, partnering with other non-profits and causes that can fill the soul of their growing brand. 

Penny Goffman, Founder Jolie Gotique

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