Keep The Spirit of LGBTQ Pride Month Alive

- Debbie Lechtman



…Although we have certainly come a long way since the Stonewall Riots of June 1969, which we now commemorate with Pride Month, the truth is that we still have an even farther way to go in combating discrimination and providing opportunity for LGBTQ folks in the United States, particularly LGBTQ folks of color. Below, we highlight some organizations that are doing great work for a better, equal future. 

The Trevor Project

The suicide statistics for LGBTQ folks, particularly LGBTQ youth, are harrowing. Gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth are five times more likely than their heterosexual peers to attempt suicide, and their attempts are five times likelier to require serious medical attention. Over 50 percent of trans male teens have attempted suicide, and nearly 30 percent of trans female teens have attempted, as well. Over 40 percent of trans folks in general have had at least one serious attempt to take their lives. 

In comes The Trevor Project, an organization based out of Hollywood, CA providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth across the United States. They provide hotlines via phone, text, and chat, 24 hours a day. Interested in helping? Donations are crucial to the survival of the organization. 

The Trevor Project Global Good
Out Of The Closet Global Good


…Since the 1980s, HIV has disproportionately affected and devastated LGBTQ communities. Although nowadays individuals who are HIV-positive are now generally better able to manage the disease, at least in the western world, HIV is still a serious threat. 

Out of the Closet is a chain of thrift stores throughout the United States that provides free HIV testing. Additionally, 96 cents out of every dollar they earn are donated to HIV/AIDS services provided by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. 

True Colors United

Over 4 million young Americans experience homelessness every year. LGBTQ youth are 120 percent more likely than their non-LGBTQ peers to experience homelessness. True Colors United is an organization which aims to find innovative solutions to youth homelessness, with a special focus on the LGBTQ experience. 

Interested in helping? The organization depends on donations from people like you. 



Not only are LGBTQ individuals more likely to end up in prison than non-LGBTQ folks, but LGBTQ prisoners also face a unique set of challenges and discrimination. Black and Pink is an organization led by families of LGBTQ prisoners and former LGBTQ prisoners dedicated to bettering the conditions for LGBTQ folks and the abolition of the prison-industrial complex. 

If you are interested in helping, the organization allows you to donate online. You can also get involved with their pen-pal program. 

LGBTQ Pride Month commemorates a history of LGBTQ strength, resilience, resistance, and bravery. What better way to keep these traditions alive than by taking small steps to make a change?

The Trevor Project Global Good