Moms We Love Doing Good

- Kristiana Tarnuzzer



…we do it all.  We run households, we run businesses -- and most importantly, we do our best to raise good humans.  With Mother's Day coming up on Sunday, there is no better time to recognize some very special mamas going above and beyond in doing good and giving back, and -- as a result -- leading by example. Hear more from these mamas below!

HEATHER ROMA is the founder of The Westside Collective, a private consulting agency specializing in products, social media strategy, content, curation and experiential marketing. She is the mother to Hendrix, a super special 4 year old.   

Where you can find her: @thewestsidecollective

TCB: A cause near and dear to your heart?   

HR: I just learned about Alliance of Moms through attending an event hosted by The Cause Bar and as a result, I joined this amazing group of mamas supporting young mothers in need.

TCB: Which organizations do you love to support?

HR: I love anything that supports women.  I just went to an event in Echo Park and donated to the Downtown Women's Center, the only organization in Los Angeles focused exclusively on serving and empowering women experiencing homelessness and formerly homeless women.  Being a single mom myself, I am so honored to be able to help other mothers who need it.  It takes a village!

TCB: Favorite thing about being a mama?

HR: So many things!  Raising a good and sweet human is one of them.  He's so sweet -- he tells me that he loves me with all his heart out of the blue.  All of the time!  It melts my heart and anyone around who hears it.  Today I started to tell him we are going to change (I was going to say “our mornings” together), but he interjected and said “THE WORLD”, and then “THE PLANET”.  He's 4!  He fills my heart so much.  I'm enjoying seeing him grow into an amazing little human.  

Heather Roma Changemaker
Neferteri Plessy Changemaker


…is a model, TV personality and founder of the nonprofit Single Moms Planet. She is a mom to two amazing boys. 

Where you can find her: @neferteriplessy

TCB: A cause near and dear to your heart?

NP: Single Moms Planet, dedicated to uplifting under-resourced children, by educating their mothers, and building one strong family at a time.  This is done through comprehensive programs of mentorship financial aid, family counseling and entrepreneurial training. Single Moms Planet provides support, accountability, and HOPE.

TCB: Which organizations do you love to support? 

NP: Organizations that uplift and empower the community, through education and family orientated activities. As a divorcee with two young sons from her five-year marriage, Neferteri felt firsthand the unique challenges that face single mothers. After her divorce, she struggled like many new single moms to find balance, identity, self-fulfillment, and financial security. Like most single moms, first and foremost among her concerns was her children and how to ensure a happy stable life for them. Neferteri began to research the effects of single motherhood, and through her studies, she learned that over one-third of all children in America are being raised by single mothers.

TCB: Favorite thing about being a mama? 

NP: Playtime with my kids is the best. Being a mom teaches me to enjoy life and live in the moment and not to take myself to seriously.  My confidence as a woman and my ability to get it done no matter became my foundation as a woman once I became a mom.



is a TV personality, lifestyle expert and founder of the site The Cool Mom Co, a site that taps into what all the cool moms love -- from recipes to style, to tips and tricks.  She has two daughters and a son.

Where you can find her: @lizzymathis

TCB: A cause near and dear to your heart?

LM: Young girls in foster care and the inter-generational cycle that occurs. 58% of young women in foster care experience at least one pregnancy by 19 years old and those children have a higher chance of going into foster care themselves. 

TCB:  Which organizations do you love to support?

LM: Alliance of Moms is one of the leading organizations spearheading the fight for change and helping to give these young girls the tools they need to stop that cycle. 

TCB: Favorite thing about being a mama? 

LM: The opportunity to see the world through their eyes! Kids have a beautiful, magical innocence in this world, and I love being able to encourage that little voice inside of them!

Lizzy Mathis Changemaker
Veena Crownholm Changemaker


is a former Miss CA and currently runs her website all about health, wellness, travel and parenting.  She is the mother to an amazing son, Eddie.

Where to find her: @veenacrownholm

TCB: A cause near and dear to your heart?

VC: Alliance of Moms is a cause I could not champion enough. As a mom, we know it takes a village to raise a child so being able to lend support and services to foster mothers and their children is a privilege. It is crucial to break the inter-generational cycle of babies born to teens in foster care....and I am grateful to be a part of an incredible group of women dedicated to just this.

TCB: Which organizations do you love to support?

VC: I’m a huge supporter of Alliance of Moms, American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women, a movement to end heart disease and stroke in women, Baby 2 Baby which provides children living in poverty with the basic necessities that every child deserves, Food Bank of LA working to mobilize resources to fight hunger in our community, and ASPCA, a national animal welfare organization. 

TCB: Favorite thing about being a mama? 

VC: I love everything about being a mama! I love the insane love you have for your child and how it can bring out the inner mama bear you never knew you had inside of you. I love the morning snuggles, the nighttime kisses, the uncontrollable giggles that come out of nowhere but most importantly I love the unconditional love and mom and child share. The saying “I love you to the moon and back” could not be more true. My heart could not be more full of love! 



is an actress and co-founder of Baeo Baby, a plant based skincare line the whole family can use. She is a mama to two adorable kiddos.

Where to find her: @baeobaby @annaaschafer

TCB: A cause near and dear to your heart?

AAS: Baby2baby -- helping families get the basic essentials that everyone deserves! 

I feel so blessed with what I have and I never have to worry about diapers or anything for my babies. So helping families get the basic necessities through baby2baby is near and dear to me. 

TCB: Other organizations you love to support?

AAS: HOLA (Hearts of LOS Angeles) which gives underserved kids an equal chance to succeed through a comprehensive array of after-school academic, arts, athletics, and wellness programs and Environmental media association encouraging millions of kids, families, and individuals to change their buying and lifestyle habits to help the planet.

TCB: Favorite thing about being a mama? 

AAS: Everything! But if I had to pick a few, it would be: Seeing the world through their eyes, their faces when they see the first snow/rain/thunder, how excited they get to see the Easter Bunny, and how present they are. 

Anna Anissimova Schafer Changemaker
Lindsay Thomason Changemaker


is the founder of The Nanny League, an elite nanny, baby nurse and personal assistant agency. She is the mama to new girl/boy twins, Bette and Sarge!

Where to find her: @thenannyleague 

TCB: A cause near and dear to your heart?

LT: I am extremely passionate about educating people on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and helping advocate for survivors. Child sexual abuse is a silent epidemic throughout the world; it does not discriminate based on age, gender, ethnicity or socio-economic background, and what’s most alarming to me, is that a child is more likely to be molested by someone they know than by a stranger.  Therefore, it is important that we speak to our children about safe and unsafe touch; and to educate our childcare providers about CSA.  

TCB: Which organizations do you love to support?

LT: I currently serve as an Associate for the 501(c)3charity, Stop the Silence: Stop Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.(Stop the Silence®). In 2017, I came up with the idea for an online training program to educate nannies about child sexual abuse prevention and mitigation, and the wonderful folks at Stop the Silence, specifically their CEO, Dr. Pamela J. Pine, created it. My business, The Nanny League, is the first-ever nanny placement agency to mandate this training for its members. 

TCB: Favorite thing about being a mama? 

LT: I love everything about being a mama…a new mama, in fact! I gave birth to boy/girl twins, Sarge + Bette, this past February, and have learned that the key to success in these early days is to give myself as much grace as possible.  There is no one right way to parenting, we are all just figuring it out as we go.  Thus, creating a judgement-free zone for myself and husband has been crucial to surviving this vulnerable time.  Ultimately, I am trying my hardest to be present and incredibly grateful amid the exhaustion! 



is the founder of Books and Cookies and holds the role of Chief Kid Officer at The Jane Club.  She is the mother to an adorable daughter, Callaway.

Where to find her: @chudneylross @booksandcookiesla

TCB: A cause near and dear to your heart?

CR: As a mom and with the work I do with Books and Cookies, as a former teacher and often volunteer, I consider myself and advocate for all children’s causes. I know how fortunate I was to grow up the way I did, and I make a concerted effort to give back to those less fortunate in circumstance -- and teach my daughter the importance of giving back, as well.

TCB: Which organizations do you love to support?

CR: Good+ Foundation: I have been on the Friends committee for Good+ for years and supported the work they do to break the cycle of family poverty through the power of donated goods and services. I have held diaper, toy and book drives at Books and Cookies and supported their fundraising efforts and events in NYC and LA.

Musicians on Call: I have had the opportunity to bring the joy of music to children at Children’s Hospital LA with my Musical Story Time with Musicians on Call. To see the joy that a book and song can bring to these children's lives was life changing in me and I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a very tiny part of the work this organization does.

Alliance of Moms -- I have been fortunate enough to connect, support and share a love of books and story time with the moms in foster care supported by Alliance of Moms. This non-profit organization is a part of the Alliance for Children's Rights with the mission to help break the intergenerational cycle of foster care by offering educational programs to young parents in the foster care system.

TCB: Favorite thing about being a mom?

CR: Being a mom is the most important (and at times most challenging) job that I have ever had, but also the most rewarding. Nothing beats watching Callaway’s personality and confidence grow as she blossoms into a free-thinking girl. She inspires my every day with her creativity, sensitivity and the way she looks at the world with awe and wonder. I enjoy every moment creating memories with my sweet girl!

Chudney Ross Changemaker