On the Nicest-Ever List: Paper Culture’s Holiday Cards

- Mel Kaspin Blume



…you’re a little late to the card-sending game this holiday season, we see no problem with this whatsoever - - New Year’s cards are all the rage these days, so consider yourself lucky! You can do some good while spreading some cheer and wishing a Happy New Year with the help of Paper Culture, a leading changemaker in the card industry.

With forest green at its core, Paper Culture structured their paper-based business in a pioneering way. Recognized by the EPA as a Top 10 Climate Leader, Paper Culture is a true visionary - - and plants a part of its earth-centric strategy into each of their company decisions and actions.

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…partnership with the planet is undeniably special: They plant a tree with every order - - in an area where reforestation is needed most. They offset their carbon footprint through carbon credits which put resources back into the planet, and they only use 100% post-consumer recycled paper. From Paper Culture’s office lightbulbs and cleaning supplies to their partnership with Carbonfund.org, every part of their operating process is led by a tree-hugging directive.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, you learn about the cultish fanbase, and uncover that Paper Culture’s art style actually began the magnetic draw to the company. The cards are modern, chic + clean. Paper Culture draws inspiration from contemporary designs (think Kate Spade, Design Within Reach and Apple) to craft frame-worthy cards. They know their niche, own their niche and don’t try to fit the likes of all card givers. We applaud them for pinpointing their audience so perfectly.



…with stunning, contemporary creations, Paper Culture is also a one-stop-card-shop. They offer a full-service option that includes the addressing of envelopes, stamping, sealing and delivery of the cards - - for the cost of a first-class stamp. Since the life juggle is real (with so many more balls up in the air during holiday time), this stellar time-saving service gives you one less thing to worry about.  And we’re all about it.

So, love yourself a little more for being ‘late’ with your holiday cards this year. Cards are cherished all year long - - getting actual mail, from the people you love, is always exciting. Even if you don’t get to them until January, you’ll still bring a smile to many - - including the tree you saved and the tree you gave life to.

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Deliver the merriest mail this year. Discover Paper Culture.