Perfect Pieces to Rock this Holiday Season: Rock Road Jewelry

- Lauren Miura



…hails from a long line of jewelry professionals, and now she’s putting her own spin on the family tradition.  As Founder of Rock Road Jewelry, Kapur has created an affordable, high-quality jewelry brand on a mission to empower women.

This mission was central in Kapur’s mind as she was conceptualizing the line. “I wanted to accommodate every aspect of a women’s day -- from a mom who wants something casual for home, to a professional needing work-appropriate jewelry, to bold statement pieces for cocktail dress occasions,” she said.  The “Rock” in the company’s name is a reference to both gems and the strength of women, while the “Road” is about the journey of a woman and the various roles they play throughout the day.

While growing up in India, Kapur remembers times when the family budget for food was tight, which helped inspire her company’s giving practices today -- Rock Road donates a portion of every purchase throughout the year to support charities focused on food and nutrition such as SSMI New Delhi, helping young children and women in New Delhi who have survived domestic abuse.  Every purchase of Rock Road’s Zaha, Marion and Norma earrings generates a $20 donation that can provide meals to 100 children. Rock Road also supports two charities closer to its headquarters in New Jersey: Healing Meals -- A Health Barn Foundation initiative that provides nutritious food to ill children and seniors in need, and Community Meals Inc., which provides meals to seniors in Bergen County, N.J.



…to Kapur about her life as an entrepreneur and what’s next for this emerging brand.

TCB: What’s been one of the challenges of choosing to take this entrepreneurial path?

SK: “One of the challenges has been to achieve a work life balance. I find myself deeply engrossed in the business, sometimes to the point where I feel I'm not doing enough for my family. I am lucky to be married to a very supportive husband who not only has encouraged and pushed me to achieve more but also holds down the fort -- making it easier for me to work long hours during high season and on weekends.”

What keeps you up at night?

“My mission and how I can scale this business and impact the lives of millions of women across the country, in my own way. I think about how I can grow this business -- not just from the perspective of return on capital, but from the point of social impact.”

What would be your most important advice for The Cause Bar community?

“Love what you do with a passion. Be good to the people around you. Good will goes a longer way than good fortune. There is always room and resources to give back to those who have limited-to-no means.”

Which pieces will you be rocking this holiday season? 



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Zaha Green Earrings  $120

Zaha Green Earrings


Marianne Bracelet  $285

Marianne Bracelet


Marion Earrings  $120

Marion Earrings


Alessandra Necklace  $450

Alessandra Necklace


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