Protecting Our Four-Legged Friends

- Debbie Lechtman



…love animals? We’ll bet you do (who doesn’t, after all?). From our beloved childhood family dog to the hilarious baby goats gracing our Instagram feeds, it’s hard not to find something to love about all of our favorite furry creatures we share this planet with. 

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, and we at The Cause Bar want to encourage you to get involved in any way you can. Whether you choose to volunteer or donate, we’re sure all those cute four-legged creatures would appreciate it! 

If you’re not quite certain where to start, below is a list of a few organizations we love!

Best Friends Animal Society 

Best Friends Animal Society has been running the largest no-kill animal sanctuary for over three decades. With programs in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Utah, and Houston, their mission is to find every single pet a home. Best Friends takes animals from kill shelters -- shelters that euthanize more than 10% of homeless pets in their care -- and houses them in their sanctuaries in Los Angeles and Utah until they can find their forever homes. 

Prevention of Animal Cruelty
Rock and Roll Rescue


Love Leo Rescue is a non-profit and dog rescue based out of Los Angeles. Named after the founder’s rescue dog, Love Leo focuses on the fostering and adoption of pit bulls and/or sick dogs or dogs requiring extra medical care. Beyond donating money or pet supplies (such as beds, toys, food, etc.), those in the Los Angeles area can join the rescue as volunteers or through their dog fostering program. Check out their website for more information. 

Farm Sanctuary

If dogs or cats are not your thing, you might be interested in looking into Farm Sanctuary, a farm animal rescue in the Los Angeles area. You might even want to pay a visit to one of their farms, where you can pet some of their calves, pigs, and more!  

Wildlife Conservation Society

Dogs, cats, and cows not exotic enough for you? Not a problem. Wild animals need our help, too. With an emphasis on conservation and education, the Wildlife Conservation Society works with indigenous communities around the globe to make the world a safer, more sustainable place for animals and humans alike. You can give a one-time donation or become a patron, giving a fixed amount monthly, via their website. 



Circus and other performing animals are sadly among the most mistreated creatures in this world today. PAWS has made it their mission to provide shelter and sanctuary to abused performing animals, enforcing the highest standards of care for all captive animals, and educating the public about captive wildlife. You can donate to PAWS online and even “adopt” an animal. 

Rock and Roll Rescue

We have such heart for this rescue in Los Angeles committed to taking on difficult cases such as abused, medical, trauma and dogs/cats needing long or short term hospice care.  They commit their resources and time to finding homes for dogs that are truly vulnerable and otherwise may not get their second chance at life by finding artists that share the same desire to educate and spread the awareness of an adopt-don’t-shop message!

Is giving an animal a second chance at a fur-ever life pulling on your heart strings?  Get to know one of these orgs today. 

Animal Cruelty Prevention