The Cause Bar Changemaker Series: An Interview with Jenny Nuccio, Founder, Imani Collective

- Brooks Dibble



…started with Founder, Jenny Nuccio’s first trip to Kenya in 2009.  She was inspired by the hope and desire to make a positive change for the women who welcomed her in.  A few years later, in May 2013, Jenny decided to sell all of her belongings and used the money to buy the first 16 sewing machines that launched Imani Collective.  Today, Imani Collective is driving sustainable change in the community by providing women with access to education and opportunities to a community that stands behind them.  As long-time fans of the lifestyle collection, we were thrilled to do a Q&A with Jenny to learn more!

TCB: How does your mission to provide opportunities that equip women to unleash their greatness through empowerment + community play out in your business?

JN: We always make sure that the woman comes before the product because it is about them and ensuring that they have dignified jobs.  Through the love and respect we give, a community is built.  We focus on our women which feeds confidence and love.  This soon resonates to their family, kids and community - - unleashing their greatness

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…Do you have a favorite story to share?

JN: My favorite story to share is about our first class and how I basically had a revelation from the beginning.  I came over to teach my friends sewing because I wanted to give them the opportunity to be more for their family and provide what they needed.  What I did not realize is that it was so much more than that.  It was about education and how education is the key to change.  It was in that first class that I realized this was way more and I had to trust the process and have an immense amount of faith.

TCB: What impact can a customer expect to make with a purchase from Imani Collective?

JN: Your purchase empowers the whole person.  It helps with all of our holistic programs and taking care of our women and kiddos.  They are impacting 60 artisans, staff and over 156 kids. We like to say that we are not just an employment program, but we are a fully immersed socioeconomic empowerment program that cares about the holistic approach to transformation.  We truly care about the whole person and unleashing the greatness of a woman to be their best version of themselves, their families and their communities.



…What’s next for Imani Collective? 

JN: That is such a hard question because, as a visionary, there are always new things happening in my head and ideas ready to take action, but what I can tell you is this is only the beginning of our impact and what we are trying to accomplish.  We have big dreams of empowerment centers, ongoing trainings, more health benefits, and growth in individual impact.  For our experiences, we like to say our home is your home, so our doors are always open and we invite people year round to join us and be a part of our family.  This year, we have three experiences that people can be a part of and involves being with our artisans, learning how to weave, going on safari, enjoying local foods, and just being immersed in our community. 

Join Jenny and visit the artisans in Kenya to spend time at both Imani workshops - - in Old Town + Mtepeni - - where you will have the opportunity to learn + explore what is happening in the “boots on the ground” operations of Imani Collective. You will serve a key role in assisting to strengthen, improve + grow their holistic programs, production systems, building plans + legal conversations. Your Imani Experience will be tailored specifically to your team based on the experience, passions + skills you possess individually + collectively.

  • May 23 - June 2, 2019

  • July 11 - 21, 2019

  • August 1 - 11, 2019

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