The Cause Bar x Alliance of Moms: Create Space To Do More Good

- Kristiana Tarnuzzer



…We’re moms.  We run businesses.  We run households.  Oh, right, we attempt to have a personal life (sometimes), too.  So how does one actually make time to give back and serve the universe amongst a seemingly never ending “priority” list?  On March 14th, we brought together a community of allies for good to discuss just that.

On a beautiful, sunny morning in LA, at the gorgeous home of Heidi Stevens, The Cause Bar hosted a thoughtful conversation on how to Create Space to Do More Good in support of Alliance of Moms, an organization near and dear to Kristiana's heart.  Expert guest speakers, and AOM members, across key pillars of life -- Work, Home, Personal Life -- shared honest, real and immediate ways to get us all thinking about how we can clear up the unnecessary junk that takes up way too much space in our lives, in order to make space to do more of what we really care about and want to -- giving back.  And, wow…this group was ENGAGED.

Panel members included Heidi Stevens, Soulful Business Coach, Elsa Elbert of Composed Living, and Jaimi Brooks, Marriage + Female Therapist.  The conversation focused on key themes of Feeling Overwhelmed, Letting Go, Giving Back, and Turning Habits into a Lifestyle in our home, at work and in our personal lives.  

Photographs courtesy of Daniela Ray, Mamanielaco Photography

Photographs courtesy of Daniela Ray, Mamanielaco Photography

The Cause Bar & Alliance of Moms


…were some of my personal favorites:   

  • Taking the time to organize in small bits each day, or before bed at night, saves us a tremendous amount of time NOT having to do it for hours on the weekend…making that time free to spend with our families, friends and doing what we want to be doing.

  • Unsuccessful people say “Maybe”.  Somewhat successful people say “Yes”.  The most successful people say “No”, because they are clear on their priorities, values and what they need.

  • Recognize what has entered our lives and schedules unwillingly, and start there in eliminating what is no longer serving us in our lives.

  • Women need to let go of the negative and uncomfortable relationship we have with money, and instead, recognize that we do really well with money, often spending on our children’s education, charities, and necessities for our home.

  • Keep a donation box in the home.  When it gets full, donate it to a local shelter.  If there’s nowhere close by accepting items, sell the items on eBay and donate the cash made to a charity.

  • Don’t make giving back about doing more and something else to add to our plates -- make it a part of our lifestyle in easy, accessible, consistent ways.



looking around the room and seeing guests ferociously taking notes on the beautiful 100% recyclable and compostable note pads donated by our friends at Paper Greats.  Lovely layering necklaces and gift cards generously donated by Gorjana were another gift and special reminder from the day.  Of course, all to be carried away in super sweet tote bags courtesy of Alliance of Moms.

Kerry Buzzell, Director Alliance of Moms, wrapped up by sharing more on Alliance of Moms' mission in supporting young foster parents raising their families through AOM's annual programs like Raising Baby, Raising Foodies, and their newest initiative, Day of Wellness, coming up right around the corner in May.  Guess the audience must have felt really empowered by what they heard that morning -- Alliance of Moms gained four new members before the event was even over!  

Alliance of Moms Crowd Feedback