The Power of Human Connection Through Conversation

- Sophie Beren, Founder & CEO, The Conversationalist | Founder, TableTalk



…My name is Sophie Beren and, at my core, I am a unifier. I am on a mission to make the world feel smaller by bringing people together. I want every person to understand the power of human connection through conversation. 

I’m originally from Wichita, Kansas -- just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz -- and I was the only Jewish student in my grade in high school. I ‘followed the yellow brick road’ all the way to the University of Pennsylvania for college, ready to immerse myself in Jewish life on campus. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by Jews in all aspects of my college life, and still I felt something was missing. I realized that I had taken for granted the environment I had grown up in, when I was exposed to people from all walks of life in Wichita. I wanted to do something about this. I wanted to change the college culture that allowed us to feel so effortlessly comfortable remaining in echo chambers of like-minded individuals. 

This epiphany that I had in college led me to become the founder of TableTalk -- a multi-campus 501c3 nonprofit organization that aims to empower students to create new avenues for conversation on their campuses, outside of the classroom. By helping students develop leadership skills as well as social and emotional learning skills, the TableTalk platform allows young adults to bring students together on campus who would not otherwise meet, through creative programming. 

Table Talk


…in our schools, and in our communities, I believe that the walls of ignorance built up between us draw us farther away from one another. In watching the TableTalk brand expand to over eighty college and high school campuses, I decided to take a step back over the last ten months to reflect on the work I was doing to better understand how I could help young adults have substantive conversations. Additionally, with the help of my personal branding coach, I discovered my personal value that I bring to the world, no matter the setting, and how I could use my value as a unifier as my most valuable currency. In taking the time to reflect, I was able to uncover the gaps in the TableTalk experience and where there was room to grow, both personally and professionally. 

I am now ready to take the TableTalk concept to the next level. I am excited to announce that I am launching a brand new venture called The Conversationalist. At The Conversationalist, we believe in empowering young adults with multiple points of view to have better, more substantive conversations. One of the biggest findings from my research was that young adults need more information about substantive topics, from different perspectives, to have better conversations. This finding is the impetus behind developing The Conversationalist as a content company that will supply Gen Z with access to different viewpoints on a variety of topics that young adults struggle with. This platform is a place to share unique stories and unique experiences that highlight various sides of the topics we, as a society, and especially as young adults, do not know how to talk about. 



connect us as human beings and foster our sense of empathy to help us to form our opinions and beliefs as growing individuals. We hope to feature content that can highlight a new perspective and help us all become better ‘Conversationalists.’ It is time to break outside of our echo chambers, both on and offline, and I believe we can accomplish this by celebrating and amplifying every young adult’s unique voice. 

The Conversationalist is launching in full this Fall, so join the movement today by entering your email on our website and consider pitching a story to be featured on the platform by clicking here. Don’t forget to follow along on social media! We all know we cannot unify without ‘you and I!’

Sophie Beren, Founder Table Talk