Having a birthday that falls on Earth Day, it was basically predetermined that I should be environmentally conscientious and socially responsible.

I am of Ukrainian descent. My grandmother was a seamstress & embroiderer, her skills were unparalleled.  I've witnessed firsthand the care, attention and time she put into every article she handcrafted, and it's forever embedded in me just how invaluable it is to own an article of clothing handmade with such heart by a local artisan, and to support their culture and heritage.

I'm a philanthropist at heart and always stood by the belief that even one person or one small act can make a huge impact.  In my "younger years," I've had the opportunity to organize and partake in mission trips to India and Portugal, work with the sustainable organizations Habitat for Humanity and Heifer International, co-found an NYC based Charity Organization with the focus of raising awareness around locally based causes, and sit on the Board of a Global 501c3 dedicated to empowering artisan women through employment and education.  


As I started my own family in my 30's, and experienced the balancing act of having a full time career and two children (Luka and Kosette), the ability to give back in the same ways I once did was becoming increasingly challenging.  The time to research events and causes, let alone participate physically, was becoming more limited. The most simple and immediate way for me to continue to support these causes is by attending and supporting fundraising events, and purchasing brands with a positive impact.  So often, I receive inquiries on the products I own or causes I made me realize that there is a community of individuals out there just like me who want to do more. It also made me realize that there remains a need for awareness around these brands and causes, and a stimulus to get started.  So I have committed to doing my best in bringing these brands and causes to you through my own personal experiences. My hope is that you will feel more educated and inspired to "do good" in whatever way you choose.

With love and gratitude,